Students Frequently Asked Questions

We always invite Year 6 children to put their concerns and questions to us, We thought it might be useful for you to see what their questions and concerns were about secondary school and what the answers are. If you have a question that is not listed below please free contact us:

How is bullying dealt with?
Bullying is not common at Sir John Hunt. The important thing is to report it to the tutor or classroom teacher. We will deal with it straight away. Please also see our Anti-Bullying Policy in the student planner pages below.

Will I get lost?
Perhaps on the first day! Compared to Primary School we are much bigger although we are smaller than most secondary schools. There are lots of signs and people to help you and you will have a map and timetable in your planner (See our interactive video to familiarise yourself with the school). We will also invite you in during the summer term for a transition day to get used to the school. After a couple of days you will find your way around. Never be frightened of asking, all our students were new once and they are very friendly!

Can I stay with my friends?
Your primary schools will have told us who works well together and we use this information to help us put tutor groups together. Remember you are not taught in your tutor groups and lessons are about learning. Social times are break and lunch, when you are free to be with your friends. Remember at secondary school you will also make lots of new friends!

Who will look after me?
Lead Learners, Year 8 Guardians and Prefects are there to help all of whom have been selected because they are good role models. There will also be all of our teachers and your tutor as well as a pastoral team. Try to remember it is normal to be scared when things change.

How do you celebrate well behaved students?
For good work, effort, being kind, being on time (the opposite type of behaviour that gets you detentions!) we will give you praise points. These points can be spent in our school shop. The types of things you can buy can be found below.

We also have celebration assemblies where you will receive awards.

I am worried about the detentions, what are they?
Students who worry about detentions very rarely get them! We don’t like giving detentions but unfortunately sometimes students break school rules. Detentions are normally an hour after school where you can sit in silence and reflect on your behaviour (hopefully never making the same mistake again!)

What will I get a detention for?
Remember students who are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing do not get detentions however;

Students who do not behave well, do not work hard enough, are late, disrupt lessons, are not in full and correct uniform, forget their equipment or are disrespectful can expect to find themselves in detention. 

What is the school food like? Can I buy food at school?
Yes – we have a wide range of food available you can find an example menu below.

Can I cycle to school?
To get to and from school yes. Use a bike lock and wear a helmet and stay safe. The roads around College get really busy. There are cycle paths – use them where possible. To store your bike at school you will need to get a bike pass (we will explain how to get these when you join).

I am worried what if I don’t make new friends?
In your tutor group you will do “getting to know you” activities. Getting involved in clubs and activities is another way of making new friends. We will look out for you and make sure you fit in without any problems

Are teachers stricter in secondary schools?
Teachers have high expectations. They want you to learn. If you work hard and use your manners and try your best then we don’t need to be strict, very similar to primary schools!

Are tutor groups just made up of students in the same year?
Yes. Your first tutor group will only have Year 7 students in it.

I am always late for school will I get into trouble?
You need to be punctual. If you are late you can expect a detention. A copy of the sanctions you can expect for being late can be found below.

How do I speak to a teacher, what do I call them?

By their title and surname – so Sir, Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, this will be in your planner and you will write them on your books so you don’t forget.

How much homework is there?
At first we give you a clear homework timetable and two weeks to complete the work we give you. If the homework is fantastic then you can expect to earn praise points!

Are there lots of clubs I can join?
Yes we have academic homework clubs, sports clubs, music clubs and an enrichment week in the summer!
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Please see the slide show above with relevant sections from our College Student Planners which explains some of our expectations and procedures to support our students.