Meet the Staff


Mrs J Bevan


Mr G Perrens

Vice Principal

Mr M Carpenter

Assistant Principal/Pastoral Leader Yr 11 

Mr J Dunkerley

Assistant Principal

Mr O Marner

Inclusion Manager

Mr L Le Marquand

Business Manager

Mrs D Stanton

Assistant Principal/KS4 English Teacher

Miss K Williams

Assistant Principal

Teaching staff

Mr R Benney

Computer Science Teacher

Mrs D Beynon

English Teacher

Mr J Beynon

Pastoral Leader Year 8/PE Teacher

Miss R Bojanitz

English Teacher

Miss S Burns

Science Teacher

Miss K Carroll

Science Teacher

Mr J Cleverley

Music Teacher

Miss A Costello

Art Teacher

Mr B Cota

PE Teacher

Mr J Davidson

Science Teacher

Miss A Daykin

Maths/KS5 Lead for Maths

Mrs V Derby

Maths Teacher

Miss L England

ACL for EBacc

Miss Z Fielder

English Teacher

Mr M Fitzwater

English Teacher/KS3 Lead English

Mr R Flage

Science Teacher

Mr S Fort

Head of Sixth Form/PE Teacher

Mrs K Frude

EBacc Teacher 

Mr J Gardiner

Head of Science

Miss J Harris

Science Teacher

Miss C Hoatson

English Teacher

Ms E Holden

Head of Chemistry

Mr N Holliday

PE Teacher/Year 9 Pastoral Leader 

Ms S James

Science Teacher

Mr T James

Science Teacher

Mr L Kershaw

Maths Teacher

Mrs K Laity

Catering and Child Dev Teacher

Miss K Lewis

English Teacher/KS3 Raising Standards 

Mr M Martin

English Teacher

Miss R Morgan

English Teacher

Miss R Nicholas

Spanish Teacher/Head of SENCO

Miss L Pedrick

English Teacher/KS5 Lead English

Mrs S Perring

Maths Teacher

Miss K Pitt

Science Teacher

Miss C Pownell

Business Teacher/Raising Standards Lead

Mr H Pring

Head of EBacc

Mr J Prowse

Maths Teacher

Mrs L Reader

English Teacher

Mr L Salter

Maths Teacher/KS3 Maths Lead

Mr A Sharpe

ACL for English/KS4 English Lead

Mrs S Skelton

CL for Physical & Creative Education

Mr G Smart

Step Up Teacher

Mr D Stockton

CL for Mathematics

Mrs S Stockton

Food & Nutrition Teacher

Mrs A Udal

History Teacher

Mr A Waite

ACL for Science/Head of Biology

Mr J Walker

Maths Teacher/Maths KS5 Lead

Miss L Warring

PE Teacher/Year 10 Pastoral Leader

Mr J Wellerd

Head of Physics

Mr P Whitfield

Design & Technology Teacher

Miss C Wickman

Science Teacher

Miss C Wilkes

Art Teacher

Pastoral team

Mrs S Jordan

Year 7 Pastoral Leader

Mr N Holliday

Year 9 Pastoral Leader

Miss L Warring

Year 10 Pastoral Leader

Mr M Carpenter

Year 11 Pastoral Leader

Mr J Beynon

Year 8 Pastoral Leader

Miss M Bloomfield

Year 8 & 11 Assistant Pastoral Leader

Mrs N Davies

Year 9 & 10 Assistant Pastoral Leader 

Mr C Harling

Year 7 Assistant Pastoral Leader

student support

Miss R Nicholas


Miss S Newberry

Careers Co-ordinator

learning mentors

Miss E Hull

English HLTA

Miss H Stanton

Learning Mentor