Pupil Premium

The Governors have a clear vision about raising standards and providing values that will raise aspirations, improve motivation and develop the whole student by providing a supportive system for both the student and their family.

The amount of Pupil Premium funding received over the last 5 years is as follows:


The Governors have apportioned the funding to Curriculum Support and to the Personal Development and Support of individual students and their parent/carers. This will build on existing provision as well as providing new provision.
Direct Curriculum Support

Actions focused on learning in the curriculum include:
• Small group teaching and intervention.
• Smaller class sizes.
• Focus on literacy and Oracy particularly in Years 7 & 8.
• Reading is prioritised to ensure students are fluent and are on or above age expected levels for Yrs. 11 – 13.
• Working towards 100% independent homework completion through the provision and monitoring of online learning platforms for core subjects across KS 3&4. Fully staffed study support sessions available to all students from 3 – 4 pm.
• Alternative Learning Pathways focus on Years 10 & 11 including off-site provision.
• Period 7 Learning for Year 11.
• Year 11 Champions Hour staffed from 4 – 5 pm with a focus on independent revision and study skills.
Personal Development

Activities to engage students to enable them to take responsibility, play an active role within the community and to widen their horizons and to experience to develop their Character. This includes:
• An Alternative Curriculum pathway.
• Intervention at KS3.
• Intervention at KS4.
• Before & After School Learning Club.
• Specific budget allocations to support Character Education and Enrichment offer.
Pastoral Support

The college has invested in a well-resourced pastoral team to support our students with the non-educational issues that they have in their young lives. This team has a real focus on ensuring good attendance, dealing with issues that prevent barriers to learning by working with individual students and families and providing a range of support including:
• External Counsellors & Educational Psychologists
• Health workers, including locality team working
• Dedicated EWO employed in-house
• Review and restructure of Pastoral/SEND support to introduced a triage system

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